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Building affordable & energy efficient homes in Fremont County, WY

Mission Statement

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country is a Christian based organization dedicated to eliminating substandard housing and homelessness and to making adequate, affordable shelter a matter of conscience and action. Habitat believes every man, woman, and child should have a simple, decent, affordable place to live in dignity and safety.

Thank you for visiting our website. We appreciate your interest in Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country, and the work we do in Fremont County. We are very grateful for those who have supported us throughout the years, whether it be financially or through the sweat of their brow in the volunteer effort. It takes a lot to make these houses become a reality. Fortunately, we have been blessed with the people to make dreams come true.

Two things you didn't know about us:

  • Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country

    Habitat for Humanity does not give away homes. Our homeowners pay a monthly mortgage, which supports the Habitat effort.

  • Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country

    Your local Habitat Affiliate does not receive money from Habitat for Humanity International. In fact, we are required to support them. New home construction is financed by grants, donations, retail sales, fundraisers, and mortgage payments from Habitat homeowners.

About Us


Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country (HFHWRC) was established in 1997 with the goal of providing homeowner opportunities for low income, high energy-efficient housing. HFHWRC was founded on the belief that every man, woman, and child should have an adequate, safe place to live.


Benefits of Building

There are several benefits to the Habitat program. As a result of building the home, HFHWRC is providing a low income, high energy efficient house for a family in need, thereby fulfilling a basic human necessity. Being selected for this program means the homeowner has to go through New Home Owner training.



It is a common misconception that the local Habitat Affiliate receives tens of thousands of dollars each year from Habitat for Humanity International. On the contrary, local Affiliates do not receive any funds from Habitat International but instead are required to support Habitat International financially.

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country
Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country


Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country is honored to be partnered with the Riverton (WY) High School - Geometry in Construction program. These are the folks that "git 'r done"!

RHS-GIC has completed four houses as of the spring of 2020

In 2013, Habitat entered into a partnership with the Riverton (WY) High School Geometry in Construction (GIC) program. Providing both core and elective credits for students, the GIC program divides the student's time between in-class geometry instruction and hands-on practical application of the learned principles through an actual construction project. Students in the GIC program are eligible for concurrent college credits through Central Wyoming College.



Habitat for Humanities Receives Grants

Habitat for Humanity recently received a construction grant for $10,000 from Bank of the West and
a grant from Rocky Mountain Power for $2500. These grants will help support the work done by
Riverton High School's Geometry in Construction program who builds the Habitat homes.

Habitat for Humanity, Wind River Country


No. Habitat builds homes for selected families who pay a monthly mortgage payment at a zero or low-interest rate. These mortgage payments go to support Habitat and the continued mission.

No. Most people believe Habitat for Humanity International provides funds to local Affiliates to build homes. Local Habitat Affiliates are responsible for raising their own funds through grants, donations, fundraising activities, or retail sales through the ReStore.

No. Unfortunately, funding is insufficient for Habitat to remodel homes or provide financial support to repair homes. Though it is an option available to local Habitat Affiliates, there isn't enough money to build new homes and remodel old homes.

Click on the Home Ownership tab to learn more about applying for a Habitat home, and when we will be accepting applications.

No. The local Habitat Affiliate has no connection to the United Way.

Yes. However, Habitat International takes a percentage of each donation earmarked for a local Affiliate so that Affiliate does not receive the entire amount donated to it.